Terms and Conditions
Read the Terms and Conditions regarding the business listing service and submission of information through the Bizzouka website. By submitting or accessing the information from the Service, You, agree to the Following TERMS and CONDITIONS and AGREE to be bound by such terms. These terms and conditions will serve as an agreement between you and Bizzouka Corporation.
In case you don’t agree with some of the points discussed in the terms and conditions, it is advisable for you to not submit or access information from the Service. For any questions regarding the Agreement, you can direct your queries at info@bizzouka.com. The terms and conditions are subjected to change without notice.

Company Communication

User Email is used as a primary means of communication by the company for system messages, service announcements, marketing messages and any other purpose determined by the company. The company opts out of marketing messages depending on Customer’s request; however, the company is not liable to sending emails to its registered users under any circumstances. The company guarantees to protect user information and will not share it with any third party.

Customer Privileges

Company grants customer privileges to the registered users only.  The user rights are not distributed, viewed, shared, assigned or transferred to anyone without the written permission of the company.  All registered company users are required to maintain an email address, ID and password which will be used for logging onto their Bizzouka system. Customers are not allowed to share the user login details with another individual, failing to do which can lead to the cancellation of their registered member services.

Submission and Administration of Listings

Customers are required to submit business descriptions, financial, contact information and photographs contained in every business’s data to Bizzouka only if the customer has the required authorizations and rights. Bizzouka would remove all pictures and information that customers have copied from other sites and do not have the copyrights for. Submission of inappropriate content is not permitted.
The Company also has the right to revise the content appropriate for the company’s business listings; however Company takes no responsibility for incorrect data and information submitted by the customer.

Information Usage

The information accessed and used from the Service including business broker directory, business listings and valuation reports is proprietary to the Company and its licensors and is protected by the U.S International intellectual property rights, treaties and laws.
Customers are not permitted to extract the information from the Services section through the data mining and extraction tools and failing to do which will lead not just to the cancellation of the membership but will also impose a fine of $500.

Payment Terms

Customers have to proceed with the payments only through the Bizzouka website, via mentioned payment methods. The payments for the business listings are non-refundable.

Membership Cancellation

Customers can choose to cancel their membership at any time, however before doing so they would be required to send an email stating their reasons and concerns.